December 31, 2006

Multicultural Education in the United States (Paperback)

by David E. Washburn

Paperback: 139 pages
Inquiry International (December 1996)

From the Journal of Negro Education (Fall 1997):

To reach students, it is critical that teachers be aware of their experiential backgrounds and that they employ materials and methods culturally relevant to the lives of their students. This book discusses the role of schools in providing solutions to issues of education and culture and in making multicultural education a major element in teacher education programs. Its five chapters highlight the decline in the practice of multicultural education in the U.S. and reinforce the need to reconceptualize it. ...

This book's organizational features contribute to the enhanced presentation of the material. These include a glossary section that serves as a convenient guide to the professional terminology of multicultural education and a list of references that provides readers with names of experts in the field of multicultural education. The tables in chapter three and throughout the book lend validity to the information presented. Washburn also has included as appendices copies of correspondence associated with the school survey, as well as a copy of the actual survey instrument.

Although Multicultural Education in the United States does not contain any specific predictions for the future, the information it presents is likely to make readers reflect and ask themselves: What more do educators want to accomplish in the field of multicultural education as the nation moves toward the new millennium? How could a stronger focus on multiculturalism be incorporated into teacher education programs? Or, more simply put, where do we go from here?

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